The exhibition is an initiative of the Photoresk Brussels Meetup Group

Alexandra Bosbeer

Alexandra BosbeerEach of us looks at the world differently. Alexandra’s delight is to bring to the centre of attention the pieces of the day and the world that one might normally forget to appreciate. Her images pick up strange light and shadows of dawn, the minute features of nature, and the painting of light on the camera by using long exposures. She likes to travel with her tripod.
Alexandra started taking photos at a young age with a simple box camera. One of her first projects was the spring crocuses around her neighbourhood, accidentially captured in black-and-white. She has since had the privilege of being in many different parts of the world with her camera. Her photos are as-shot and not designed or re-coloured with editing software.

Eva-Nina Kunze

Eva-Nina Kunzeis an independent conceptual product designer, design vision expert, photographer and design lecturer (Univ. Siegen, Ger), living in Brussels, currently also developing her own product line. Her work has gained awards & recognitions and has been presented among other locations at the Furniture Fair Milan. As a reflection of her education in Psychology and Industrial Design, with influences oft the Dutch Design movement, in her design work as well as her photographic work, Eva-Nina likes taking glimpses into the ‘condition humaine’.
She is interested in everyday human relations, struggles and concerns as well as beautifully human/e moments and sentiments and random emergence of narrative content. She likes a subtle narrative with stories unfolding on every further glimpse. While being non-staged-, real-life-findings and -encounters, the images often contain strong symbolism and very conscious composition, with every detail contributing to the story or subject. Main themes are ’findings’ and ‘here and there’, dealing with disconnectedness, loneliness, childhood- vs. adulthood and everyday human worries and challenges, as well as the poetic beauty of life and human relations.

portfolio design:          http://www.coroflot.com/kunze
portfolio photography:  http://www.coroflot.com/kunze/photography

C.Daniel Miranda

C.Daniel MirandaVery much an amateur photographer, Daniel started photography out as just a hobby ..but he quickly got addicted to it! He has worked in a wide range of photographic genres including: photojournalism, portraits, landscapes and nature. Looking for new projects, he discovered the Urbex Photography and it quickly became apparent that he was enjoying this new photographic experience.
Daniel’s unique blend of style is developed from a broad range of urbex explorations and a special technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range). Together with his urbex companions, sharing the mutual love of the unseen, Daniel goes to lost places, bringing out the beauty of those abandoned buildings and urban decay. After having spent the past few months shooting in abandoned places, he comes with his last project: Time Capsule.

Luc Moreau

Luc MoreauHobbyist photographer specializing in classic or just cheap old cameras, with all implied imperfections and failures of the older film photography technology.
From the age of 13, passionate about both the technique and aesthetic aspects of the art, and trying to learn a little bit more every time he picks up a camera to go out and make pictures. Landscapes, candids, urban and street documentary photography are his preferred genres.
Recent projects include

Luc lives and works in Belgium.
Photos from Luc are shared on Flickr and Facebook.

Kevin Scarlett

Kevin ScarlettIt’s perhaps not surprising when you view Kevin’s work that there is a graphic designer at play.
Human figures often cut a graphic pose. Silhouettes feature in piercing sunlight, adding extra drama to the compositions.
Having grown up in a bland northern English landscape, today, he is intrigued by light and colour. He is influenced by 20th century artists such as Monet & Seurat.
Kevin has an exceptional eye for beauty and detail that is present in all his work – and especially his wild flowers. Plants in their natural setting, provide the simple luminosity that best showcase his talent.
His photography opens a window on a world that is pure and inspired. A world we all want to live in.

Claus Siebeneicher (c-7)


The dimension-transformation of his “Time” series generates strong but at the same time beautiful and fascinating visual metaphors of our being and our today’s relation to time.
He is founder of Photoresk, the rapid growing international non-profit photography learning and knowledge-sharing network. Claus started early experimental photography using mono mode laser as illumination sources in the 70s. At the age of 16 he won his first nation-wide photo competition.
Since then, he has continued with photography but has never sought wide publicity. His photography work spans a wide range from traditional portraits with an inherent sensible deepness to nature to experimental and abstract. Dis/closure is the first public exhibition of his works. Claus is Photographer, engineer, software and electronics designer, technology geek experimenting and putting sometimes his camera gear at risk.